Monday, July 5, 2010

A new batting god

Sachin is the greatest batsman I have ever seen.
Even when I see him bat today, it's like poetry in motion. He looks solid. His footwork is impeccable. His timing majestic.
He is the role model for any cricketer in the world aspiring to be a batsman.
Umar Akmal looks like he's hero-worships Sachin.
I don't think that they have interacted with each other, but I'm sure if Sachin watches this kid, he'll be interested.
Going by current form today, Umar is the best batsman in the world.
I was going to give it to Hashim Amla, but he played like dog shit in the test series in the Caribbean. I could have even gone with Tamim Iqbal, but he's more like Sehwag, which is an entertainer.
So I'm going to say it's Umar.
He batted beautifully in his first series in New Zealand.
He bettered that in Australia by giving it right back to the opposition.
He did okay in the T20 World Cup.
And today, he proved that he can play anywhere by making that 60-odd score in England.
What I love about his batting is that he doesn't slog. It's brilliant, good, clean hitting.
And the kid's 20, so he's got a lot of years ahead of him, unless the PCB (and this is a huge possibility) fucks him over and leaves him holding a sticky wicket, if you know what I mean.
But hopefully, that won't happen and we get to see more of him.
He's probably the Sachin of the 21st century. He makes the runs while the rest of his team bats like shit, but it's too unfair to make that comparison. Yet I do, because in that way, he can fuck up against India.

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