Sunday, June 13, 2010

The bowling partnership the world needs to see

It breaks my heart to see the West Indies play cricket the way they do today.
They have become a lot like the Pakistani side. Brilliant on a day and faulty on others. 
There is no consistency and for those who have loved and follow the game, their downfall is one of the tragedies of modern-day cricket. 
Having said that, there is one thing that makes me happy from this.
World cricket finally has a really good fast bowling partnership.
After Wasim-Waqar and Ambrose-Walsh dominated players for many years in the 90s and early 2000, it is now the turn of Steyn and Morkel to become the next pair of new ball bowling greats.
Now, the cricketing purist will crucify me for not including McGrath-Gillespie and Donald-Pollock in this list of great fast bowlers, but while McGrath and Pollock were great bowlers, they were not express. They relied on line, length, bounce and accuracy, which made them so dangerous.
Steyn and Morkel demoralized the West Indies in the first innings of the test match, but I still maintain that the best spell I saw them bowl was against Australia to Michael Hussey a couple of years ago.
It was genuinely quick shit and I had my heart in my mouth.
If you guys don't believe me, check this spell out yours

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