Monday, March 14, 2011

Cricket songs and all that jazz...


Take a look at these two videos. The first one, De Ghuma Ke is the official World Cup song. I see it and want to kill someone because it's played 20 times a day.
The second song is a video created by some guy in Pakistan to boost Pakistan's ego for the World Cup. My boss sent it to me this morning. The video stars some chick called Kiran Khan, who tries to look like Michael Jackson, but looks more masculine than he does. The singer is some guy called Asif Shah, who needed his 5 minutes of fame. Youtube gave it to him, methinks.
The lyrics of the song go something like this:
Boom Boom World Cup, Cricket Cup World Cup
Boom Boom World Cup, Cricket Cup World Cup
Chick sings: ICC, Oh, ICC
 Unfortunately, I'm not even making this up. Check the video if you don't believe me.

When I see videos like these and De Ghuma Ke, I think that I should write my own World Cup song. We could always spoof De Ghuma Ke by saying Ma Ch**da Ke, but that would be too cliched.

So if we're to write a cricket song, we could always do what MAD magazine did for its cricket spoof in the 80s. It was a brilliant one, with a verse dedicated to how the English batsmen were getting raped by the West Indies. Fortunately, I had the copy of the magazine with me. I've attached an excerpt of it here. If you guys want to read the actual thing, just write me a note and I'll scan the entire thing over the weekend or something

But yeah, my primary focus was songs. I know the rest of the world is ranting about how India played the other night, but I'm pretty sick of that right now. Okay we screwed up, but the optimist in me says that we've been known to play shittier cricket.

Personally, I think that the last two World Cups have been rubbish. I probably will attribute this to the fact that both of them had theme songs. Hell, after checking out that Asif Shah and Kiran Khan video, I think that I can write something better. It'll be offensive as hell, but it'll do its job.
So I'm going to try something in the lines of an Irish Drinking Song from Whose Line Is It Anyway?
The World Cup's here again,
Hip Hip Hurray
The TV sets are playing
A song called De Ghuma Ke 
It is really funky
But there is a catch
We hear the song all the time
500 times before a match 

Then the players come to play
The crowd begins to cheer
The ball gets hit for fours and sixes
The home is supported and opponents jeered

Then Chawla comes to bowl
The crowd begins to sigh
Dhoni says, fuck it and gives the ball to Nehra
And the crowd begins to cry

India isn't the only host
It's Sri Lanka as well
Bangladesh gets is maiden call
And beggers are sent to hell 

Then there is a tied match
And Ireland fulfils a dream,
Then Akmal drops 3 catches,
And Pakistani bowlers are creamed
Now we've got three weeks left
To the finals in Mumbai
It's difficult to place a bet
To tell who'll take the cup away

Does India have a chance?
Personally I say no
I'll still watch the game though
Because I'm a cricket whore... 



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  1. India isn't the only host
    It's Sri Lanka as well
    Bangladesh gets is maiden call
    And beggers are sent to hell .... lol and beggers are sent to hell!!! Oh god!.... :P