Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well played, Pakistan, but watch out for the Aussies

Pakistan did something I haven't seen them do in a very long time.
They played a full game of consistent cricket.
Australia pushed into a corner usually means
that sights like these will increase
Earlier, we'd see them have burst of brilliance that would eventually give them victory, despite some rubbish plays in the same game.
But this one was brilliant throughout, except for a minor glitch that they had at the end.
They ended Australia's winning run in the World Cup campaign.
While the world will be celebrating the fact that Australia is not so invincible anymore, I have a feeling that this may put Australia in a situation where they are their most dangerous.
This was actually seen in today's game. Brett Lee, who I rate a very good bowler bowled like a man possessed. For the first time, I can actually say that he bowled like a great bowler. He was fast, accurate and got the ball to take off from a good length and the Pakistani batsmen looked like amateurs in front of him.
Unfortunately for Lee, he didn't get enough support on the other end.
Another team bowled out for 176 would probably have had their shoulders down and brooding about their loss, but Australia didn't. Brett Lee bowled and cuaght brilliantly; the fielding, like Australian fielding is,  was fantastic and the Australians made Pakistan fight for their runs. Unfortunately for them they were in second place, which isn't good for an opposition side.
But now that they have lost, they will want to beat either India or West Indies in their next game.
That's probably the only reason why I'm supporting a West Indian victory tomorrow, given that we have a better chance against Sri Lanka than we do against Australia.
This was the situation they were in, in 1987. This was a situation that they faced in 1999. In 2011, you never can tell. They're still, in my opinion, the best side in the world and they have set standards to their game, which still cannot be equalled by anyone.
I'm certain that there are several people who may disagree with this, but in all honesty think about it: for the Australian, sport is like a fight and there's no coming second best. It's the main reason why they didn't drop a single game in 2003 and 2007.
Personally, with the way this World Cup going, I see a 1987 final repeated. The patriot in me hopes that I am wrong, but the rest of me believes that if England and Australia meet in the finals, it will make for an epic that would be in the league of an India Pakistan game anywhere in the world.


  1. Lee could have been brought back with 25 to win, he could have finished things off

  2. Yeah, it could have happened. But Lee was the best bowler, while the others were not very hot. Sadly, the commentators were talking about what if...McGrath played for Australia, which is a pity. True McGrath is a great bowler, but I'm sure that you can look at newer players.