Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The dangers of being part of a subcontinent team

Kamran had better get his act together and improve as a
keeper, as that is his primary job.
I feel sorry for Kamran Akmal.
He's a good batsman, a hard hitter of the ball and I'm sure he can field in any position other than wicketkeeper.
For a long time, I thought that he would have taken money to keep wickets badly.
After today's game, I don't think that anymore.
He's just a rubbish keeper.
He's as resourceful behind the stumps like Tariq Iqbal was for Kenya during the 1996 World Cup. However, in Tariq's defense, he was large and fat and resembled someone you would find on late night Sun TV.
Kamran looks fit, unless he's done liposuction at some point in his life.
Pakistan haven't had a good wicketkeeper since Moin Khan. He was also an effective lower order.
The same theory goes with Rashid Latif, who made a lot of enemies by accusing everyone in the Pakistani team of fixing matches.
So you have the third best i.e. Kamran. His name on the Twitter handle is Kamran Fuckmal, thanks to several pissed off Pakistani fans. You can't blame them either. We were calling Piyush Chwla a guy who bowls like Juhi Chawla the other day.
The subcontinent is passionate about its cricket and if Kamran doesn't get his wicketkeeping act together, he may soon be replaced.

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