Monday, April 4, 2011

The A-Z of the World Cup

I had written this for Mumbai Mirror. I made a couple of changes here and there because the finals are over. So check it out.

A is for Akmal who had many a drop
B is for spin Bowling, as the seamers flopped
C is for Cricket, the game they came to play
D is for an anthem called De Ghuma Ke
E is for England, who had some close matches
F is for Flop show, that was England after the Ashes
G is for Gary, India's best ever coach
H is for Hat-Trick, taken by Malinga and Roach
I is for Ireland, who had something to say
J is for Jingoism, felt on the Final day
K is for the Kiwis, who played the semis once more
L is for Loo Break, a toilet ad that was a bore
M is for Minnows, who in future may not be seen
N is for Narottam Puri, who is still around it seems
O is for Orange, the colours of the Dutch
P is for Ponting, who finally got his touch
Q is for Queue, and ticket buyers were a rabble
R is for Rahman, the minister of babble
S is for Sidhu, whose talent is to scream
T is for Tendulkar, he won the cup for the team
U is for UDRS, a hit or flop?
V is for Victory, India's on top
W is for Wankhede, always a super hit
X is for Xavier Doherty, a name we had to fit
Y is for Yardy, who went into depression
Z is for Zak, the spearhead of the nation

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