Friday, April 8, 2011

The IPL diaries or something like it

I'm not the fake IPL player.
I have my moments.
I would get adrenalized after India beats Pakistan in a World Cup game and be part of a troupe that is screaming and dancing on the road.
However, in my defense, I would be equally enthusiastic had New Zealand and Pakistan played in the final. That's not a lie. After watching Ross Taylor hammering Shoaib Akhtar and Abdul Razzaq the last time the two of them met, I think that it would have been a great contest to watch.
But a week after, the IPL and I'm not so enthusiastic about.
After the high of winning the World Cup, I'm sure that the BCCI realised that they're just a bunch of money hungry sluts and decided to make some more money.
So we'll have a million Zuzus, 6000000 Parryware loo breaks and Manoranjan Ki Maa fucking with our heads.
As @leftarmspinster so beautifully put, "The IPL is so confusing. I don't know which colour to bleed."
At least, the parties will look interesting, as will Shah Rukh Khan putting his carcass on a dias and gyrating to some ridiculous song from Ra.One.
It could also look depressing, as will the rest of the tournament.

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