Sunday, April 3, 2011

The main reason to celebrate

I was five days old when India won the World Cup in 1983.
28 years later, MS Dhoni and his men lift it again.
One funny thing that I think when we win this cup is that sport's channels will now replace Kapil Dev's running catch to dismiss Viv Richards with Dhoni hitting Kulasekara out of the ground to win India the World Cup.
We've had a crazy 2011.
Scams have hurt us. Prices have risen. People have expressed displeasure. There have been multi-crore scandals and farmers have killed themselves because of their inability to pay off loans.
Then out of nowhere, 15 men dressed in blue come and make a difference.
Everything is forgotten. There are celebrations. India is one.
And yes, it's not about the cricket here. It's a route of escape for that joy we will savour in the weeks to come.

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