Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Azharuddin speaks of Team India fiasco

So, after he received a life ban, this is the first time Mohammad Azharuddin has spoken to a cricket website.
"Obviously if you stay up the whole night, it would affect you. Players should be responsible enough. The game is more important than the parties. Excuses like these cannot be given after you lose. For a player, cricket should come first and everything else is secondary."
Mohammad Azharuddin is appalled by Dhoni citing the hectic IPL schedules, on and off the field, as an excuse for the side's performance.

It's funny. This is from the same guy, who was banned for life for fixing matches that involved his country.
It doesn't matter whether he's guilty or not. It does matter that he was banned and disgraced from the game.
Then he decided to enter politics and stood for elections using a Congress ticket.
Suddenly, without realizing it, he won and became a member of the Lok Sabha. 
Ideally, he should have become union sports minister and legalized betting in all games. At least, we'd know that the IPL and professional wrestling would mean the same thing. 
Now, the media wants his expert opinion on the game and how things are in it. 
Considering his oratory skills, I'm sure that he would be as clear as the Great Khali. At least in Khali's case, we know 100 per cent that he fixes matches. It's his job to do so.
Personally, I blame the media as well for interviewing Azhar. They have no right in doing so.

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