Sunday, May 16, 2010

The King offers himself to Team India

Sir Viv has offered to train our players about the art of playing fast bowling.
It's a very generous offer by a guy, who would wallop most bowlers across the world without wearing a helmet.
But like I mentioned earlier, batsmen across the world struggle while playing quality fast bowling.
Our batsmen, barring Raina and Rohit (in that one inning) were woefully out of form in the World Cup.
They played well in the IPL because IPL is shit.
Uncle J-Rod agrees with me here. I asked him on Twitter what he thought of Mohammad Azharuddin's 'expert knowledge' on saying that they played well in the IPL, but not for the team.
(cwbfeed @jcalamur Then I would disregard all comments. Ofcourse their IPL form was better, the cricket is way shitter there.)
If Sir Viv his hired, and however cool it will be to see him in India, I don't know how he'll deal with our boys. 
Personally, our team needs someone like Saurav Ganguly or Ravi Shastri to be special consultant. 
I dislike Ganguly, but he is so full of himself, that he will bring out the best in this Indian side to show that he is a great motivator.
The same can be said about Shastri.
For the sake of Indian cricket, I honestly don't mind that

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