Friday, May 14, 2010

Shane Bond calls is a day

It's a pity that in his nine years as a cricketer, Shane Bond spent half his time recuperating from injury.
Add another two years and he was playing the rebel ICL league, which resulted in his getting banned from the game by the ICC during that period.
Finally, after all the great bowling spells, times of physiotherapy, which was followed by another great bowling spell, Bond has called it quits.
The decision was inevitable. He's 35 and the body would take longer to heal from injuries than it did in the early part of his career.
It is also a pity. I loved watching him bowl. He was fast, could swing the ball and was never called for chucking.
Also, he brought out his best against Australia, which resulted in some brilliant matches between the two sides.
He also loved walloping us during cricket matches and took full advantage of the fact that Saurav Ganguly couldn't play short stuff.
With him gone, unfortunately there is more burden on Daniel Vettori.
Ian Butler and Chris Martin are hard working guys, but they can't penetrate a bowling attack.
But this is not about the rest of the side. This is about Bond, who at the end of the day, was probably the world's greatest fast bowler after England's Frank Tyson to have not taken 100 test wickets

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