Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paul Collingwood: The unsung hero

As an Indian, people would expect me to speak of Sachin, Sehwag or Dravid in an opening blog piece.
However, I'm starting off with a piece on Paul Collingwood.
You'd wonder why I'm doing something like this, considering that Paul Collingwood's popularity in India is non-existent. You tell an Indian fan that you like him and they say, 'Why?'
Well, the answer is simple: When I saw him take a catch to dismiss Matthew Hayden in a one-day international a few years ago, I nearly wet myself.
Then he became captain and like Michael Vaughan, he was laid-back, yet very effective. He had a very Australian-like fighting spirit in him. This spirit, of course, gave England the CB Series a few years ago.
When I see England do well in this year's T20, I have mixed emotions. Mixed because I've never been a supporter of the English cricket side.. But with Collingwood leading the side (No offence to Andrew Strauss), I hope that they do well in this tournament.

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