Friday, May 21, 2010

Dirty games

Before I begin this, J-Rod's piece on Pakistani players being mentally retarded is brilliant.
But after today's news, I tend to agree with what Alam said about the 'boys being mentally retarded'.
Since the match fixing scandal broke out in 2000, the cynic says that matches are fixed even today.
We don't know about player involvements because they've been smart since the scandal.
But then Pakistan plays awesomely bad cricket against Australia.
In the second test, they play brilliantly for the first four days and suddenly on the fifth day, Australia has won the damn thing.
You know that something isn't right and then suddenly Afridi comes out and says that he's heard of players fixing the matches, but doesn't have any proof that they did.
He even talks of some players checking women out during a game and then dropping catches.
While the world plays it safe, these guys go and fuck it up and get involved in another controversy.
It wasn't bad enough that nearly half the team is facing a ban for playing shit.
Now they'll be banned for life if they're proved guilty.
And yes, that takes an all-new level of retarded behavior to do something like that.
Suddenly getting genital warts and forgetting that you were married over the phone seem intelligent.
And let's face it: How the fuck can you lose this test match?
It makes India's chase of 120 and getting out for 81 look like intelligent cricket.

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1 comment:

  1. I also used to think that some of the players are involved in match fixing but i feel that the present failure is due to lack of consistency.

    Btw, thanks for your views.

    Best Wishes