Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mr. Cricket is the man

Ten minutes ago, when Saeed Ajmal took Steve Smith's wicket, I thought that Australia was out of the T20 world cup.
Hell, Pakistan batted like a dream, took out both Australian openers early, had a small fright from Cameron White, but didn't look like they would lose this match.
Michael Hussey had different ideas.
He was batting at a steady pace and before the last over had scored 38 in 20 balls when the 20th over was about to be bowled.
In T20, 38 in 20 is good. Not great, but good.
What the world didn't know was that he would score 22 runs in the next four balls he faced, and won the match for Australia in the process.
When you see a guy bat like that, you just wonder what on earth the Australian selectors were doing by picking him so late in his career.
In my praise for Hussey, I do feel for Pakistan and Ajmal in particular. They tried and almost won.
They probably would have had it not been for Mr. Cricket.
Australia didn't beat Pakistan. Micheal Hussey did

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