Friday, May 21, 2010

The mother of ironies

There are ironies in the world.
And then there is Sreesanth speaking of seamers and focus.
In terms of talent, Sreesanth is right up there. I have never seen a guy let the ball land on the seam so consistently.
But then, with the talent is the additional baggage of attitude.
Prayers, folded hands, tears, break dances, slaps and other moronic acts are the things you associate with Sreesanth.
They overshadow his bowling performances in South Africa and Sri Lanka.
And here he is discussing focus and the importance of being disciplined.
"Focus is surely important, but again everyone lives their own personal life as well. As long as he knows the thin line between foolishness and bravery, that is very important," Sreesanth said. "If you have a mentor or someone is looking up to you, with so much of money and entertainment involved, if there is one coach or family member, who actually keeps an eye on the player and if the player is ready to listen to them, you are alright. If you are talented and hardworking, nothing should bother you," is what he has been quoted to be saying.
Now this the mother of all ironies.

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