Monday, May 17, 2010

Clark and Watson win it for awesome England

So England are the World T20 champions.
I think they deserve it and I'm really happy that they won it.
But they owe the victory to Michael Clark for batting the way he did.
They owe Michael Clark for running out Dave Warner at the beginning of the innings. 
Clark was batting like an idiot and was woefully out of form. TestMatchSofa announced that he should have been renamed to Inzamam-Ul-Clarke. In Inzamam's defense, he can hit the ball and is an awesome batsman despite the fact that he's obese and was cult leader of Pakistan's religious sect in cricket. This sect for a time, insisted that only fanatics could play for the team.
Again it was left to a Hussey to save Australia.
This time, younger brother David took up the responsibility.
He was ably aided by Cameron White (again) and big brother Michael (Oh no! Not him again)  
I thought that the way Nannes and Tait bowled at the beginning, Australia might just win it.
Craig Keiswetter had other ideas and tried to smash everything he saw.
While he looked like a jackass in certain parts of the innings, he hit out and was effective. 
He looked like a jackass when he got out.
Pietersen continued his form.
And it was awesome that Collingwood finished it off. 
Oh yeah, along with Michael Clark, Shane Watson deserves some mention for bowling absolute shit.
But here's a question: if this is the first coalition since the World War, how long will it take England to win its next title?
And my condolences are with Uncle Jarrod. England probably read before the match began.
Of course, more than the English, I see the Pakistanis, who have settled in the United Kingdom celebrating tonight's victory.
The English fans will probably be thinking of the next club game. Fucking soccer 

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  1. wow, I am glad to see a blog fully devoted to cricket.

    Although our team was unable to qualify to the final but I loved the way T20 ended.
    I think English team with this recent winning combination really deserved the victory.

    The way they were supported by the crowd made them feel as if they were playing in their home ground.

    Perhaps this time most of them wanted to see a trophy going to a team other than Australians.

    Jayadev Calamur, Thanks for this post hope to read more here.

    Best Wishes!

  2. @eyewitness: yeah, the English side played some fantastic cricket. While I'm a huge fan of Collingwood, I don't think he'd have managed the side as well, had he had players in shitty form.
    Our side played crap and I hate to say it, but I feel that our side is full of guys who believe that they are bigger than the game.
    The sad thing is that we've made them feel that way.
    If we miraculously win the 2007 World Cup or for that matter even reach the finals, see how the BCCI and the cricket fan will react. In 2003, they gave each player a crore and a house at Amby Valley. WTF. And just for reaching the final.
    I felt bad for Pakistan, as my blog post suggests, but their board is in need of therapy.
    But thanks for the comment and the following. And yes, I plan on making this a habit

  3. England really did deserve it.

    They did well to leave Clarke in there for 27 balls as well. Good tactic.

    He's not out of form. This is what he does in 20/20. He can't hit out without getting out so he just doesn't bother.

  4. @Louise You have a very valid point about Clark batting like that.
    It's probably the same reason why South Africa left Jacques Kallis for so long.
    Suddenly, he realizes that T20 is his forte and he's been making runs